Help us bring VIPR to your Hometown by nominating it to be the next VIPR PARTYTOWN. By entering our VIPR – MY HOMETOWN CONTEST & GIVEAWAY you’ll collect One Thousand (1000) Party Points and be entered for a chance to Win Fifty (50) Free Rides + Party Points, whenever VIPR launches in your Hometown!

To collect more Party Points, share our VIPR – MY HOMETOWN CONTEST & GIVEAWAY with your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Linkedin Friends, and when they nominate their Hometown, you’ll collect Two Hundred & Fifty (250) Party Points for each referral!

Five (5) days after VIPR goes live in your Hometown, the person who has accumulted the most Party Points, Wins Fifty (50) Free Rides and all other participants who nominated the same Hometown will have their accumulated Party Points added to their Party Points Gift Mall Account, redeemable for any of the thousands of quality products found in our Party Points Gift Mall.

**You must have a Party Points Gift Mall account and VIP Username to Receive Party Points! If you don’t already have a VIP Username, Join The Party!


Please register below, If you’re interested in becoming a VIPR Designated Driver and earning three (3) streams of income, (1) competitive driver’s pay, (2) 200 Party Points for each ride given, and (3) a monthly Party Concierge Social Security Commission Check, from your VIPR Zone, even if you don’t drive!

We need drivers to launch in our Hometown of Atlanta, GA. (3-6 Months) and when we get a good response from interested drivers in other Hometowns will be a good indicator that we need to launch VIPR there next!


Please register your business below, I you’re interested in becoming a VIPR Pick-Up Spot. As a VIPR Pick-Up Spot you will receive 5% Commission on every ride originating from your business address, you can (1) Keep the money (2) Turn it into VIPR Rideshare Credits that you can use on your¬†customers or employees, or (3) We can donate the money to the Charity of your choice!



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